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Work with Hartman Security to design an affordable system that can help protect your business from intrusion, burglary and vandalism. In the event of a detected break-in, police can automatically be alerted by our 24-hour central station – day or night.

  • Receive event-driven text and/or email alerts

  • Fully integrated with your video surveillance solution.

  • Easy future expansion and upgrade capabilities

Fire Detection

Our fire detection systems are designed and installed in accordance with local and national fire codes, and are monitored around the clock whether your system is armed for intrusion or not. In the event of a detected smoke, which may indicate fire, we will automatically notify the fire department.

We can help reduce your risk and help prevent fire damage.

Our systems include 24-hour monitored detection devices such as commercial-grade smoke detectors, heat detectors and manual pull stations.


Access Control

Robust, software-based access control systems from Hartman Security Solutions can help to strengthen your business security. Know exactly who accessed any monitored door and when. Remotely create and delete employee access from your web-connected computer or mobile.

  • Eliminate the need for easily duplicated keys

  • Program doors to automatically lock at a certain time.

  • Control employee access to specific areas by time of day.

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